Created July 5 2000
Updated April 22 2002

HONEY IS BACK...and...ummm...different.

It has been a weird year for Honey. One day Honey awoke to find herself trapped in a coccoon. It took her a year to fight her way free and when she did her costume changed. The cut of the neckline changed and now honey is stuck with a brand new pair of butterfly wings and a set of antenna. Can Honey find a way to get rid of her buggy new threads or is she just plain stuck with it as with all her costume woes? Tune in to this site to find out!

Please email me and let me know what you think of Honey's new look!

One new Honey pic added to the Honey page and one new pic to the Misc page. Also Lives 4 Stuck has been nice enough to contribute a fabulous Honey story to the Stories section.

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