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Honey's bad week. Part One.

By Lives 4 Stuck.

Honey sighed, it was another failure. She had just returned from Doctor Kain, a renowned nanotechnician who was sure he could use his nanites to dissove her honey costume. However the nanites couldn't even put a blemish on Honey's skin tight suit. Honey entered her appartment. Her feet were killing her. Their kenetic feild which prevented her from wearing shoes forced her to walk all around town barefoot. Luckily the field prevented most dirt from getting on her feet. Honey sat down on her couch and began to rub her feet. Even after a year stuck barefoot she still wasn't used to feeling bare pavemnent stike her bare feet with every step. Honey examined her bare soles. There were still red marks on the balls of her feet, around her heels and on the pads of her toes. Honeys kenetic peild unfortunatly didn't protect her from glue and for some reason fate deemed it necissary to put puddles of glue in her path fairly often. The costume had healing abilities and would completely heal her redened feet but for the time being it still hurt. The ache and soreness added to Honey's disposition and caused her to sigh again.

Honey was tired, though the costume augmented her strength for some reason it didn't make the adamantium cuffs on her wrists, arms, and ankles feel any lighter. Adamantium was really heavy and Honey lugged four large pieces of it around 24/7. Honey could barely remember the days when her body was hers, a time where she could wear clothes other than the purple spandex ones she was stuck in, times when her appearance was capable of change.

Honey almost dosed off when her phone rang. She didn't even have to answer it, she knew who it was. Ever since letting people know about her abilities that came with the accursed outfit everyone in town has been turning to her to solve all of their problems. Honey debated not answering it but knew it was futile, they would keep calling and eventually they would start knocking on her door. Honey dragged herself to her aching feet. She thought she might as well get it over with and get off her feet and rest. Maybe even a hot foot bath.

Honey reached her destination, an empty lot in the middle of nowhere. Honey was fuming, aching feet, tiredness running a haze over her muscles. She had barely time to gasp as a trap door opened below her feet.

Honey was only unconsious for a moment. She slowly drifted back to consiousness and fought back dissapointment of awakening as she remembered the circumstances of her "nap" Honey jumped to her feet as a bolt of energy raced through her body. Her hands were bound behind her back by some kind of electric binders.

A strange voice bellowed in the dark. "Ah Honey, how easy it was to capture you. You'll noticed I managed to affix shock binders to you. Strangely your costume doesn't mind permitting people to bind you. I have such plans for you. And just so you know, if you dissobey I can shock you at will." With that he pressed a button and a tredmill began to move below Honey's feet. Honey was forced to run. The voice laughed as Honey was forced to drag her aching feet at a fast pace despite thier protests.

To be continued...